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Relaxation zone

Release yourself in our Relaxation Zone.

We give you the dry sauna, the infrared sauna and the colour-therapy room.

Dry sauna

Relaxing and puryfying properties of dry sauna have been discovered by the Finnish more than 2000 years ago. Searching for places where they coould warm up themselves, they sreated so-called winter homes, that were heatened with hot rocks. As the time have passed it’s been discovered, that not only does the sauna warm up the body, but it also puryfies it, improves one’s shape and mostly it is superbly relaxing. Nowadays there are many kinds of saunas, but the most popular dry sauna is usualy chosen by people desiring a healing relaxation as old as twenty centuries.

Infrared sauna

It is an innovative solution, where hot rocks are replaced with infrared radiators, that heat up the body the way thas Sun does but with no risk of harmful exposure to UV rays. The temperature inside the IR sauna is never higher than 60 Celcius (140 Farenheit), allowing you to spend some more time in it, even 30 minutes.


It is a treatment that uses the healing properties of colours. We are surrounded with colours all the time, but we are not always aware how do they affect our mood, disposition and even health. Knowing the properties of colours can make our day-to-day live easier, begining with selection of clothes, ending with fitting up interiors. You can acertain what great feeling it is to take a colour-bath with our colour-therapy room.


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